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We are the exclusive Australasian distributors for Coway Bidets and are the largest retailer of Bidets in Australia supplying a wide range of Bidets to suit differing needs.


The range of Bidets encompasses: the basic cold water Bidets through the mid-range with side control to the most sought after remote control models.


Here at The Bidet Shop we are passionate about customer service and our desire to ensure that our customers purchase the Bidet most suitable for their wants and needs. This also resonates with our impressive warranty system ensuring that our customers are looked after for the long term.


The popularity of the Bidet in the western world is rapidly catching on as people become more widely travelled. Property marketers of upscale developments are choosing them for their projects, retirement villages install them, and they are used for a significant number of medical conditions and the everyday family purchases to experience a better and more hygienic form of cleansing. Of course they have great appeal to those interested in our environment as the use of toilet paper can become zero.




Water is more effective at cleaning you than dry paper. Just imagine if there was poop on your hand, would you wipe it with paper or wash it?

Bidet seats provide a more soothing cleaning experience as opposed to using toilet paper. Cleaning with toilet paper is often abrasive to a person’s sensitive areas. Plus toilet paper can contain perfumes which may lead to further irritation.

Over 9 million trees are cut down to manufacture U.S. toilet paper every year. By cutting back on our toilet paper consumption, we can reduce our overall paper waste.

Washing with water more effectively reduces the likelihood of bacteria germinating. In fact, using only toilet paper can actually spread bacteria across an area as opposed to cleaning it away! Bidet usage can also provide a hands-free experience – your hands stay on your lap, while the bidet seat works beneath you. It’s hands-free.

Bidet toilet seats are great for those who have particular medical conditions. For example, you might have diminished strength in your hands or arms. Any patient who has gone through surgery in that region would also get relief and comfort with a new bidet.

Because you’re using water, it’s the most comfortable cleaning method. Many haemorrhoids sufferers use bidets with a lot of success. Less abrasion = less irritation.

Menstrual periods oftentimes may produce un-fresh feelings. Using water to wash yourself will help you feel clean. Mothers who have given birth recently may be extra sensitive in that area. Making use of a bidet’s wash features can be a more soothing and relaxing way to go.

When we get older, using the restroom can become an increasingly difficult task. Some turn to caregivers for assistance with wiping. This can lower a person’s self-esteem – having to depend on someone else to use the toilet. A bidet seat can help restore confidence and allow you to regain your independence!

Anyone with a toilet understands its ability to clog. It is one of the most undesirable things that can happen in your washroom.

Unlike the original bidet, bidet seats do not take much space. Just remove your old seat and installed a new bidet seat. The good part is, if you do not want to use the bidet, it can still be used as a normal seat and it does not affect the normal working of a toilet.

Easy to Install

The bidet can be set up within 15 minutes, with no additional tools necessary.

The instructions are clear on how to install the bidet and it should take no time at all to start using your new bidet.?

A FREE HOLIDAY? In Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific

  1. Simply Purchase any Bidet over $1,000.

  2. You’ll Receive a voucher for a FREE 4 Day Holiday!

  3. Accommodation costs are covered apart from the hotel’s booking fees and taxes.

Best of all, you have 18 months to lock in your dates from the time your Gift Voucher is activated. For more information about this incredible offer, please click the button and fill in the Enquiry Form!


  1. Simply Purchase any Bidet over $1,000.

  2. You’ll Receive a voucher for a FREE Holiday!

  3. Yes, you’ll receive a Holiday Gift Voucher that will allow you to book FREE Resort or Hotel Accomodation at over 25 destinations around Australia and New Zealand.





Like any product or service on the market, our holiday promotion also has a few terms and
conditions that you should be aware of, such as:


1. There are NO timeshare presentations required to use this vacation incentive or any other hoops
you’ll need to jump through to redeem.


2. Travel can be completed within 18 months after activation. This incentive cannot be combined
with any other hotel stay or promotional vacation offer. This incentive cannot be used in conjunction
with another similar or same promotional offer.


3. If you have more than one vacation incentive, they cannot be used back to back in the same or
different destinations. There must be at least 1 year gap between each vacation booked.


4. Group travel is NOT allowed, only one incentive per household and resort/hotel is allowed.


5. These rooms are for 2 to 4 occupants based on room type and availability and at least one
occupant must be at least 21 years of age. The main reservation holder must also have a Major
Credit or a Bank Debit Card, plus a valid government-issued ID to check-in.


6. All reservations require a minimum of 30 days advance notice to book. Reservations are based on
availability and understandably rooms are less likely to be available at peak vacation periods like
Christmas & School Holidays. Check-in is available 7 days a week.


7. The user must reside at least 160 kilometres away from the destination resort of choice. For
example, if you live in within 160km of Sydney, you can’t book a Sydney hotel.


8. The incentive activation is FINAL & NON-REFUNDABLE.


The end user will have 18 months to travel and can choose from all available destinations to find
travel dates and participating resort/hotel options. Once travel dates are confirmed, no changes will
be allowed.


9. A booking fees of $44.50 AUD per night is applicable to all hotel stays. This is an industry-standard
and covers booking fees, local taxes, etc.

For a limited time, simply purchase any bidet over $1,000 and you'll receive a FREE 3 NIGHT AUSSIE HOLIDAY

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